A word on advertising

Okay kids, I took the big step and “sold out” to Google.

For the next few weeks at least, there are going to be text ads along the right hand side of the page here at Megalomedia. Please consider clicking an ad or two now and again, because that’s the only way they generate any revenue for me. Megalomedia is a project of passion, but if I can be compensated for my time, that’d be neat.

In the interest of being fair, I’m going to post a few links here about Google, both for and against them. Also, I am going to link to this post in my link list so people can find this stuff easily. I personally don’t have anything against Google, but I want to give air to people’s concerns.

Thanks to everyone who comes to visit. I recently added a counter and I’m already getting nearly 50 hits a day through the week, that’s pretty awesome. If the ads start to bug you, please let me know.


Google Watch
Google Watch Watch (anti-anti-Google)
Epic 2014 (8-minute short film on possible future of blogs, Google and the media)


  1. I remember the days when Megalomedia was indie and its editorial content wasn’t all about its advertisers. Before people knew about it.

    THose were the days.

    Remember that time he railed on papers for not tlaking about Darfur? Man, that was sweet.

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