Long weekend, lame news cycle

Nothing like a long weekend before a week off in Parliament to keep the news down. I’m also doing the Media Scout today, so expect this post to be a short one.

Lebanon update
The Globe and Mail was the only paper to report that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan confirmed the Syrian pullout from Lebanon. Remember? The thing that Bush said he was waiting for before he believed that Syria was committed to the withdrawal?
Oh come on, Lebanon is so last month, we’ve moved on.

Moving on
All weekend, Afghan president Hamid Karzai was in the news. There were reports that U.S. soldiers were abusing and in one case killing Afghan detainees, and Karzai was pissed. He was going to walk into Bush’s office and give him what for.
I guess Mr. Bush must have given Karzai quite the dressing down, ’cause it was a humble, cowed Afghan president who stood by and watched Bush reject each and every one of his requests.
The story was missed entirely by the Globe and given only wire service coverage in CanWest papers. I’m going to talk about this in great detail in the Media Scout post today, so please read it there.

Two columnists raise Joe’s ire
David Frum uses his National Post soapbox to say that the recent electoral troubles facing France’s Jacques Chirac and Germany’s Gerhard Schroeder are well deserved, given their war-hatin’, U.S. mistrustin’, EU lovin’ ways. He actually criticizes them for political opportunism.
This is the same David Frum who worked as a speech writer for George W. Bush. He is responsible for the phrase “axis of evil.” Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.
And Peter Worthington uses his column space to spew hate and disdain for Romeo Dallaire, a general with a much more honourable war record than his own. The Sun papers are kind enough to post their columns freely, so for fun, we’re going to play a rousing game of “Megalomedia: The Home Edition.” Check out Worthington’s uneducated, poorly-reasoned waste of space here, then post your own analysis for all the world to see.
The best rant gets some sort of prize, though not likely a good one.

Okay, I have to get back to the Scout, but I look forward to reading your entries this afternoon. Happy rantin’!


  1. There is little I can say about a poorly-educated ad hominem attack that completely ignores established fact. I do not even know where to begin.

    God damn.

  2. Worthlesston: “Let us hope that Sen. Dallaire doesn’t witness things in Sudan that affect his fragile mental condition, and revive what he endured in Rwanda.”

    wow. way to make a joke out of genocide and those who were witness it. ha ha, that’s fucking awesome.

    tune in to tomorrow’s column as Worthlesston sharpens his wit at the expense of terminally ill patients under the age of 5. man, will the good times never stop rolling??

  3. One thing that’s been interesting about the news the past week has been the coverage of the byelection in Labrador. Wow, did the media ever drop the ball on this one until the non-confidence vote had passed. By reading the news reports you’d think this byelection came up last week, when in fact the organizing started before that.

    What happens at the end of today when the byelection is over and the media doesn’t have any crucial-to-the-government’s-survival issues to latch on to? Maybe Carolyn Parrish’s ovaries will act up again. Who knows.

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