Grumble grumble grumble

Forgive me if today’s post seems uninspired, but frankly, some days it’s like Groundhog Day.

The Gazette was the only paper to report on Haiti, though not particularly well.

The Star was the only paper to report on the Ipperwash Inquiry, where it was revealed that OPP officials declared “We’re going to war,” just before marching on Ipperwash mere hours before unarmed Native protester Dudley George was shot.

Michael Jackson’s trial got more coverage than Darfur, Congo or Zimbabwe, despite the fact that nothing new happened and the jury is still deliberating.

Russel Crowe’s arrest for throwing a phone was covered by absolutely everyone, including the National Post and Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspapers.

I just don’t have it in me today, folks, and I’m sorry. Most days, doing this site is theraputic. I feel like in some small way, I’m raising awareness and making a difference. But today, I’m just bummed. There’s nothing really new to comment on and far too many things I’ve commented on in the past. Better luck tomorrow.

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  1. How you doin’ there Joe? You want a soda? You want to go get some ice cream? You want to take a dump in Eddie Greenspon’s shoes? Let’s go take a dump in Eddie Greenspon’s shoes…

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