Back in the saddle

Sorry again for yesterday, folks. Things at the office still aren’t sorted out yet, but I was able to get through my papers at a comfortable pace and, low and behold, spotted a few things for you.

Well, I guess it’s a start
Self-help guru Tony Robbins is suing the Vancouver Sun for libel. I’ve long argued that Canada needs a good ol’ fashioned, high-profile libel suit to rein in the media in this country. It seems that editors across Canada think they’re operating in the U.S., with all the ‘Mr. Doe allegedly killed three people’ and things of that nature.
Sadly, Robbins’ suit seems a tad frivilous, and in a worst-case scenario, could strengthen the resolve of the Canadian press, but it’s a start.

Cambodia, that’s where again?
I’m going to comment on this at length in today’s MediaScout, but it warrants mention here as well. Only the Globe reported on revelations that police on the scene of the school seizure in Cambodia last week may have fired the shot that killed the Canadian child. Why? Because other papers rely on U.S. and European news wire services that aren’t following the case in detail. But don’t worry, everyone reported that Saddam likes Doritos. I don’t want to say that having freelancers working for you around the world is the best strategy, but given the penny-pinching state of the Canadian conglomerates, it’s a damn sight better than anyone else is doing.

Okay, I know it’s a short post, and after yesterday, you all deserve better, but I have to get to work on MediaScout. Check it out though, it should be a doozy. Ripping into the US for selling weapons to Hussein, funding the Contras and overthrowing the government in Haiti. It’s a leftie-rant-a-palooza. And I’ll try to get this bad boy up to snuff tomorrow.

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