I know where Karla Homolka lives

No I don’t. The title of this post was a blatant attempt to bring in new readers. If you’ve been duped into clicking your way here, welcome.

Wait, Karla Homolka was released?
Guess what today’s big story is? If you said the killing of 18 Afghan civilians in a U.S. airstrike, you’d be wrong. That wasn’t big at all. Nope, the big story was that Karla Homolka, aka “the Devil” aka “the Schoolgirl Killer,” was released from prison. The media, fresh off another rebuked attempt at limiting coverage, latched on to the translated transcript of the only interview she gave (to Radio-Canada, en francais) and began the arduous task of deciding whether or not she was truly repentant.

Ironically, water-cooler-gossip about the nature of her rehabilitation aside, the coverage was fairly legit and justifiable. After weeks of speculative bullshit and senstationalistic tripe, Karla’s first day outside prison was met with reasonable coverage – and it was Karla that thew them the bone. Had she laid low and began her life in the shadows, I’m sure things would have been even more tabloidesque than they were. Given that she’s not planning to talk to the press anymore, I guess that means the Karla-Cam starts tomorrow.

Christie Blatchford is moving to the Star
Okay, so I don’t know that for sure. But what other option does she have? Clearly she’s being forced to write more about Karla against her will. How else can you explain the second A1 column on her since her “I’m tired of Karla” piece last week? Obviously some overzealous assignment editor is forcing her to add to the media onslaught.
I have no doubt that Ms. Blatchford is drafting her letter or resignation now, much like she did when she fled CanWest for the perceived safety of the Globe.

For those that are new to the story, allow me to recap:

“I’m tired of her. I have Karla fatigue. . . I don’t care, any more, what she eats, wears, says, does or, God forbid, believes – unless and until she breaks the law.”
– Christie Blatchford, June 25, Globe and Mail, A15 “Are you as fed up with Karla as I am?”

“But Ms. Homolka’s letters, even on their own and necessarily somewhat out of context, are nonetheless instructive.”
– Christie Blatchford, June 30, Globe and Mail, A1 “She gives as good as she gets – again”

“Here, for after all she was talking about her life now, not those she helped end, Ms. Homolka’s voice cracked a tad, and she was a little verklempt . It was akin to the child who slaughters her parents and then throws herself upon the mercy of the court as a pitiful orphan.”
– Christie Blatchford, July 5, Globe and Mail, A1 “No silence from this lamb”

Read those last two quotes again. No, better yet, click here and allow Google News to get you past the subscriber-only firewall and find these columns yourself. Does that sound like the musing of someone who doesn’t care, “what she eats, wears, says, does or, God forbid, believes?” Or does it sound like a hypocrite milking a story for all its worth even if it means pissing away her credibility?

I think I’m going to send her an e-mail later today, asking what gives. I’ll let you all know if I get a response.

and the Megalammy goes to. . .
the Winnipeg Free Press for being the only major daily not to run Karla on A1!

And in other news
CanWest saved the day! Read all about it in this CanWest publication. I wonder if they ever dislocate their shoulders patting their own backs?


  1. Do you think it’s a function of our attention spans that we can’t focus on more than one thing at one time?

    War in Iraq.
    Michael Jackson.

    It seems like everyone is covering the exact same thing and dedicating months to it.

    And yes, I realize that the War in Iraq *is* actually worthy of coverage.

  2. Pack journalism.

    Even if something is inane, pointless and ultimately not all that interesting, if the other guy has it, you’d better have it and SOONER or your ass is GRASS, mister!

    Yes, we do suck.

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