The times, they are a-somethin’

Hey all. Just a quick update today to say that there are going to be some major changes in my life coming up that are going to have an impact on this site. I’ll post more details when I get a clearer picture of what it all means to Megalomedia.
So no criticisms today?
Well, okay, maybe a couple. Remember when Uzbekistan was all the rage? Those protesters got shot, a bunch fled to Kyrgyzstan . . . any of this ring a bell? Well, Canada has agreed to take 50 of those protesters as refugees. But unless you read the Globe, Star or Gazette, you wouldn’t know that.

And I still don’t understand why the Post isn’t covering the Arar Inquiry. CanWest has a great reporter there in Neco Cockburn, who is providing the most thorough coverage of the whole thing. Yet despite controversial testimony such as this, the Post remains silent.

Sorry it’s short and sweet folks, but mosey on over to and take part in the debate over the Post’s wrap ad. It’s good times.


  1. cool, he’s gonna ditch megalomedia to go on maury to figure out who the mother is.
    you skank-ho, joe.

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