So anyone read this story yet?

Go read it, then come back.

Enraged yet? Yea me too.

So why is the media outlet that’s locked out its employees the only one to pick up this story (that I can find, though in fairness, I no longer have the easy search access that I used to)?

Honestly, this is fucking insane. Now the cops won’t comment because of the investigation? The investigation sure as hell didn’t stop them from lying to clear their name when this story first broke. It’s pretty bloody convenient now, isn’t it?

Fuckers. I hope someone staples this story to Peter Worthington’s face. Yay look Peter, not only did they shoot the brown man, but they knocked him out of his seat too! Well he should have known better. Brown man riding the subway, what’s next, the vote?


  1. Joe, this story was on the front page of the Globe this morning. (For some reason, it’s not showing up on Google News.)

    Your CBC story omits one of the most macabre parts of the story:

    A surveillance officer admitted in a witness statement that he was unable to positively identify Mr de Menezes as a suspect because the officer had been relieving himself when the Brazilian left the block of flats where he lived.

    So, in effect, British law enforcement has been caught with their dicks hanging out of their pants. Appalling. Let us hope they zip up promptly.

  2. Thanks Phronetic, I stand corrected on the Globe thing. When I was looking for the story I checked the headline index page on the Globe’s website and it wasn’t there. I can’t find it anywhere on the site, actually, which usually indicates it was a wire story they picked up limited rights to.

    Anyway, I suppose that could be the case with other outlets too. I hope so. I can’t fathom this story not getting big play.

  3. I thought it was interesting to see how fast a story can change. First he was a terrorist. Then he had jumped a turnstyle , the he didn’t but he was wearing a bulky coat, then he ran when confronted by cops, then he didn’t.

    This was murder andd I hope the Brazillian mother gets the justice she is demanding.

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