Seig Steve? WTF?

I feel more or less obliged to comment on the outrage that is percolating through some of Canada’s right-wing blogosphere as a result of a little mix-up by the CBC on The National the other night.

From the National Post:

The CBC has apologized to a viewer who complained that a news graphic appeared to juxtapose the name of the prime minister-designate with the German word “heil” — a salute usually associated with Adolf Hitler. The graphic was flashed during Tuesday night’s edition of The National. It appeared beneath a shot of a Stephen Harper election sign. In an e-mail to the viewer, the executive producer of The National explained the graphic was a freeze frame of typing intended to promote the show’s “campaign confidential” segment. An editor chose to capture part of the word “their” for the graphic and with a cursor before the “r”, it seemed to spell heil. “We sincerely apologize for that,” the e-mail said.

The video itself is visible at the following link, although with commentary at both ends that’s slightly partisan: click here.


This was a dumb, dumb, dumb mistake. The CBC should have caught it, and they didn’t, and now they’ve got substantial egg on their face. But even if some random producer at the CBC had an anti-harper agenda (possible) and was willing to abuse his or her position to carry it out (much less likely), I find it unlikely in the extreme that this was intentional. But browse around the blogosphere and you’ll find people willing to say just that.

Critical thinking applies to the audience too. You call them on it, they apologize, and there’s unfortunately not much else you can do. In my own experience, I once referred to Gloria Steinem as ‘Gloria Steinman’ in a piece I was editing. I messed up, the irony was enormous, but even the local feminist organization forgave me.

To bastardizee Freud, sometimes a mistake is just a mistake.

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  1. I first saw this on Zerbisias’ blog on the Star site. She also linked to a Globe photo that looked eerily like Harper doing a Nazi salute.

    Commence liberal-media conspiracy theories!

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