Repetition = fact

Further to my post about the Globe’s Gomery Report coverage (and tying in nicely with JK’s CBC sources CBC post), check out the Globe’s online “news” article about the report’s release.

This time, rather than an unflagged analysis piece, they’ve run an actual news story. Aside from the public record info (media lockup, quotes from the first report etc.) the only source is . . . the Globe and Mail’s report on Monday. Oddly, while they attribute one round of speculation to that report, they also engage in some of their own unattributed, unflagged analysis:

The report is expected to call for better protection for whistle-blowers and tougher sanctions against federal officials who run afoul of the rules.

Nicely done. For the record, I’m also not sure about this argument:

The scandal ultimately triggered a confidence vote in the House of Commons. . .

But hey, let’s focus on one thing at a time.

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