The troubles with Mr. Dick

Here’s a lovely story and correction that I was alerted about recently.
The story was called “Life After Losing” and it was written in the Ottawa Citizen on January 29 on page A8 by Deirdre McMurdy.
The story dealt with what former cabinet ministers and MPs have done in the past after losing elections.
One notable example that was highlighted in the lead was a fellow by the name of Paul Dick. Several paragraphs down the reporter says what happened to poor Mr. Dick. And I quote…

“For example, fellow Tory Paul Dick, who served as minister of supply and services in the governments of Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell, hit hard times after his 1993 defeat at age 53. After suffering personal bankruptcy and divorce, Mr. Dick ended up taking an entry-level job at a brokerage firm. That, despite his previous experience as a lawyer, assistant Crown attorney and minister of a $6-billion department that underwent a merger and a complete re-engineering under his watch.”

And now let’s check out the correction, sorry, apology that was written on February 3.

“An article published on Sunday, January 29 entitled “Life After Losing” contained erroneous information about former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Paul Dick. Mr. Dick has never been bankrupt and his divorce occurred prior to his election defeat in 1993. The Citizen apologizes to Mr. Dick.”

How do these things actually happen???

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