I wish I worked for a newspaper…

You know why? Because then, if I was punched in the face on an all-expenses paid trip to Rochester, NY, and faced a $905 hospital bill I could bitch about it to all of Canada.

That’s right, in today’s National Post (sub. req’d), Pierre Lachaine interviews his co-worker, John Kennedy – a producer at Canada.com – about an attack he faced while in New York State.

Kennedy was punched in the face while working as a freelance photographer visiting Rochester as part of a Visit Rochester! tourism junket. The association that sponsored the event offered to pay for Kennedy’s medical bills – which added up to $905 – but their claim was rejected. So Kennedy is on the hook for the outrageous amount and he’s obviously upset about it.

Upset enough to tell a journalist friend about the whole thing. And get it printed in the National Post.

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