Full marks for full disclosure

So this could be one of those things I just haven’t noticed before. I’ve read a great deal of the coverage from Afghanistan but, like a lot of readers, I don’t always read to the end of the story.

But I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this (from the Star) before:

If you can’t read it, it’s basically an editor’s note warning that the story (a Rosie DiManno piece you can find mit note here) is subject to military restrictions regarding its content.

It’s not really surprising, DiManno is embedded with the Canadian Forces and any sensative information could endanger the soldiers and the mission, but it’s the sort of thing that should be openly stated.

Has anyone seen anything like this in any other papers?

Post Script: If you were wondering, the above pic is a screen shot of a digital version of the Star taken during this morning’s MediaScout. The sharper-eyed among you may have noticed that I forgot the key command for screen shots and had to look it up with the Google search box in Firefox. For the record, it’s shift+command+3.

Post-Post Script: You can also see my live bookmarks. I’m so glad I deleted the Olsen Twin fan club link last week.

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