Damn it!

See what I get for updating?

An addendum to my recent post on the accountability act pointed to Azerb’s post on Keith Boag’s media-focused piece on The National.

Apparently she was a little bit hosed by Stephen Taylor, though she gets credit for admitting her foible in a post today.

As for me, though I didn’t state that I’d seen the Boag report (I hadn’t), I can see why people might think I had, so I figured I should follow up with this post.
To be perfectly clear, I didn’t see either Boag’s report or the clip on Taylor’s blog. Though even if Boag limited his press focus to the top and bottom of his report, as Azerb says, that’s still the wrong focus to bookend with, in my most humble of opinions.

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  1. She also kindly provides a transcript of the report.

    The comment I made in your previous Boag post was essentially correct about Boag’s belief MPs are unable to vote against or criticize this bill because of its name/purpose, but the quote was off. Here’s what he actually said:

    Whether they like it or not, MPs are not going to make this piece of legislation their hill to die on. There is no upside for anyone in politics these days to try to campaign against something called an accountability act.

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