Fiddle me this

Anyone else catch The National lite last night between the hockey games (for the record, GO SENS!)?

They had time for about a 20 minute newscast, most of which was understandably dedicated to the softwood lumber agreement. Then, inexplicably, they ran a story about a psychic in Nova Scotia who staged an elaborate (and apparently well-attended) media conference at the grave of Canadian fiddling legend Don Messer. It was a full story, about two minutes long complete with at least three sources and plenty of b-roll footage. The kicker? The psychic is doing a show in nearby Halifax this weekend! CBC just openly admitted they bought into this guy’s publicity stunt.

So what do I see when I open my Globe this morning? This. On page three. WIth three photos and a pull quote. I know the Globe uses A3 as kind of a toss away for light-hearted stuff but seriously.

When you state right in your report that the guy is plugging his upcoming show, maybe you should take a good hard look at whose interests you’re serving.

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