Beat it!

Okay, the title has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I’ve just rediscovered my love of old skool Michael Jackson. Thriller baby, freakin’ Thriller.

Anyway, for those who might have missed it, my MediaScout colleague Jonathan Montpetit pointed to an interesting front-page story from yesterday’s Globe. You can read it here.  Jon called it the most important article in the day’s press.

I agree that it’s an interesting story and, if true, a fairly scathing indictment of the current administration. And, I’ll fully admit, I didn’t even bat an eye, as it fully seems like something Harper and his crew would do. In fact, in my MediaScout post this week (Tuesday morning), I noted that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, who appeared on the National, looked like a minister who didn’t have full control over his portfolio.
Then this appeared on the Globe website today.

Whether or not MacKay is full of shit or totally right, the whole debacle should give all journalists pause. Unnamed sources are a bit of a plague on the industry these days.

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