The voice of the people needs a little editing…

I was flipping TV channels one day and I heard a blip from a commentator who said he always reads the letters to the editor first when he opens his paper. “It let’s me know what the people are saying,” he said.
In a way this is true. The letters to the editor section gives the readers a chance for some input – a proverbial voice if you will. (However, one could argue that with the rise of blogs this is becoming more and more redundant, but je digress.)

But with that said, I think the editor of the letters section needs to show a little discretion and ensure what is being printed at least has some basis in truth, rather than a complete distortion/exaggeration of the facts.

Case in point:

Toronto Sun, September 7

Freedom at last

Regarding the present brouhaha, especially from the NDP, about our troops not being in Afghanistan: In May, 1945, I was in a Nazi prison waiting for the door to open and the (normal at that time) march to the place of execution. Instead, I was freed by the Canadians, who, according to Jack Layton and his ilk, had no business being there. Thank you, Canadian soldiers, for a long and happy life.

M. Traas


(Wow. Nothing more we can say to that)


Wow. Nothing more I can say to that.

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  1. Isn’t it one of the constant rules of the internet that the first person to mention Nazis or Hitler is the loser of the argument?

    This poor soul has not even gotten off the ground – even if it is true.

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