I think Harper won

Remember the big Harper vs. The Press Gallery battle royale of a few months ago?  Our PM decided he didn’t like the way the Ottawa journos were doing their jobs so he said he’d take his message to the people himself.  You remember, right?

The media were indignant. They weren’t going to be bullied! They weren’t going to play Harper’s game!

This arrived in my email inbox at  3:52 pm. I was so amused by it I actually sent it to my boss.  Harper’s been saying these things for the last two days in the House of Commons, as have his lackeys ministers. How is this news, exactly?

Apparently, the PM saying something to the Oakville Chamber of Commerce that he’s said several times in the House is news.

At least, the Globe and CBC thought so.

Evidently, the “new” in “news” is purely cosmetic. Maybe Harper should start issuing press releases every day after Question Period too.

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