New beginnings

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the latest manifestation of my somewhat schizophrenic online persona – the aptly addressed if not confusingly named “42 Points on a Double Word Score” at

At this point, I’m not entirely sure what this site will become. There will be a blog, of course, where I will wax philosophical on whatever tickles my fancy, but I have a feeling it will evolve into something more. Sort of a clearinghouse for my various writing projects, perhaps.

By now, if you’re still reading, you’re probably wondering why the “communication” theme. Well, it has occured to me lately that the theme that has permeated all of my various passions and intended career paths is communicating. I was asked recently, during a job interview of all things, what I thought I did better than anyone else. After a long pause to think, I came up with the following, which is more paraphrase than quote but I shall block quote it nonetheless:

I’m good at making people understand things. I’m good at figuring out what someone is trying to say and putting into words that reflects the speaker’s intention and can easily be understood by the target audience. I am good at connecting people with ideas.

It sounded less prentious at the time, I swear.

So this website is going to be all about the art of communicating. I think there’s almost an inverse relationship between the availability of communications tools and the ability of people to be able to use them effectively. We live in an age where the masses have more access to the world around them then ever before. Yet, perhaps not surprisingly, it seems that the more people have the opportunity to talk, the less people are willing or able to listen.

I promise that this website won’t always be so pompous and quasi-intellectual.

So yea, grab a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda and watch as this mess that is unfolds before your very eyes.


  1. Hey — new job? New beginning? New job where? What type of story will I have to pitch in order to have you facilitate my journey? :p

  2. I am good at connecting people with ideas.


  3. Joe, I look forward to following your thoughts and pontifications via my Google reader. Ryan at The New PR pointed me in your direction. (Note to self: don’t play Scrabble with this dude.)

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