Under the influence

Ok, I admit, this post would probably feel more at home over at The New PR or some other site where the ubiquitous notion of a “brand” is discussed on a regular basis but what the heck, it’s my blog and I’ll go off topic if I want to.

First, some necessary background. By day I may be a mild-mannered communicatioons professional but by (the occasional) night (and weekend), I am a moderately-talented arena ball hockey goalie. Or at least I have been since last fall.

I’m also a rather large dude, though a reasonable athletic one. I grew up doing sports and I still like to get active a few times a week but I’ve got some bulk, if you know what I mean. Think football defensive lineman (not the O-Line, those guys are MASSIVE) sized.

So anyway, big dude + poorly-ventilated hockey arena in 20 degree weather + an assload of gear = … well, you get the picture.

With warmer weather (and higher humidity) on the way, I quickly decided that cotton t-shirts under the gear weren’t going to cut it. I’ve heard a lot about Under Armour and decided to try out their line of Hot Gear stuff.

And sweet mother of all that is holy, does that stuff work. I was at a smaller store when I was looking for it and the only shirt they had in my size was a sleeveless one. At one point, I noticed that my core was actually cooler than my arms. After the game I peeled the shirt off and my chest was bone dry.

I am not a particularly brand-motivated guy. When the lovely better half asks where I want to go for dinner, I usually don’t have a preference. I’ll drink any blend/roast/style of tea or coffee, I like many different brands of beer, I can handle a PC or a Mac… you get the picture.

But when I bought my shirt I also bought a set of wrist and headbands and chose the cheaper adidas swag – now I wish I picked Under Armour. Not because I think it would be better, I just want to support the company.

They make a simple claim: Heat Gear will keep draw the moisture off of your body and keep you cool. And it freakin’ well does.

In case you’re wondering, I promise Under Armour hasn’t paid me a dime for this post but if they want to send me some Heat Gear compression shorts, I’ll gladly wear ’em.

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