Call the exterminator

We’ve got to gas the crickets that have settled in here at 42 points.

Yea, I’ve been a bad little blogger. The fact that I have six posts sitting in my draft folder is a testament to my desire to post more but the fact that they remain simply drafts is a testament to my lack of finishing power.

In the interest of getting the ball rolling, here are some Warren-Kinsella-esque bits and pieces for y’all.

  • Has anyone else noticed the way the major mainstream media outlets are starting to really integrate new media content? CBC takes the cake for their redesign featuring a number of nods to blogs, comments and video but the Star seems to be really pushing their video and blogs (though the blogs are suffering from a nasty case of summer no-post-itis) and the Globe has started directing readers of the print edition to online videos and the like on their front page! Now if only they’d ditch the eye-straining left justification (sorry Evan)
  • I continue to mock the Facebook revolution but I freely admit to being mildly somewhat addicted to it. I still have the same quasi-reservations about being kept in superficial contact with old friends and non-friends alike but it is nice to be able to track down people I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered/worked to track down. I do wonder, however, how the growing attempts to turn it into a sales and PR tool will pan out. I get the feeling that as long as this guy‘s in charge, it won’t go too Classmates on us.
  • Speaking of which, does anyone use Classmates anymore?
  • Finally, this news excites me, if only because we’ve all just seen the awesomeness that having an ex-Jet behind the bench can bring.

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  1. Haha, you and I will have to have a talk sometime about video at CP. We’re supposed to do it for every story we go out to cover, now. And that can be really good, but there are so many different sides to it. Perhaps I’ll catch you on some kind of online chat thingy at some point!

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