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I am a firm believer in the power of a story. I think the art of spinning a tale is fading too fast, frankly, so it is always refreshing to find people that still know how to do it.

Chris Mason is a friend of mine from my Carleton days. I first became acquainted with his ability to tell a story when he accompanied me on a somewhat random “research trip” for a historical geography course. We traced the path of settlers in Eastern Ontario who left their homelands in search of free land and a better life on the ill-conceived Opeongo settlement road northwest of Ottawa. Granted, we did it in a Suzuki Aerio, not on foot, but it was a fun afternoon and we passed the time between landmarks telling stories and generally enjoying each other’s company.

Fast forwarding a bit and Chris is now working in Africa after a brief but impressive stint with the New York Times‘ Toronto desk.

He is blogging about his experiences here – and I encourage you to add it to your feed readers or blogrolls. Chris has a marvellous way with words and his blog manages to make you laugh and cry in the same post.

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