Better late than never, right?

One week ago tonight, I took part in the latest Third Tuesday Ottawa, featuring Ottawa blogger Colin McKay talking (largely) about his experiences running a government blog.

As many of you know, my latest professional incarnation is that of a public servant. So for me, it was a very interesting presentation; he had a lot of useful tips about getting around the all-too-often restrictive rules that define government communications.

But the unstated take-home message, for me at least, is that running a government blog still requires a whole lot of swimming upstream. Colin is lucky enough to work in a small shop that operates at arm’s length from the main machinery of government, yet even he must find creative ways around the rules.

It is still all trying to make a blog fit within existing rules – the government doesn’t appear too close to creating rules specifically for blogs.

Until it does, I fear that folks like Colin will continue to be the exception, not the rule.

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