Recommended reading (or: Why I will never host a book club)

I tend to be bad at pop culture. I come to television shows late (thank God for DVD sets), I never remember when movies open unless my wife is there to remind me, and apparently I am bad at remembering that I want to read a book until I see it on the sale rack at Chapters.

Anywho, on that note, if you haven’t already read The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Frank Rich I would encourage you to do so. It stands as a sobering reminder to all communications types of just how much of an impact our craft can have. For political junkies it is an excellent play-by-play of one of the more impressive (in a terrifying way) examples of an administration completely manipulating the media agenda.

And to further prove my point about my sluggish consumption habits, the next book on my table is Wikinomics. Seriously. That’s how far behind I get on these things sometimes. Thank God I have my wife to remind me when House is on.

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