My new mantra

It’s been said before and it will be said again but I find myself having to self-check this simple fact a lot lately.

Identify the problem before the solution.

The joy of doing a massive web redevelopment is dealing with questions like “can we do video on the site?” And, in full disclosure, I find myself asking that question as often as others are asking me.

The question shouldn’t be “can we do video?” It should be “we need to put this information across, what is the best medium?”

The tendency towards the shiniest, newest doolie is strong. But as communications folk, it’s up to us to remember they are tools, not strategies.

Hrm, perhaps I should have done a video podcast for this entry.

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  1. Oh, here I am again. But I couldn’t help but totally agree. Especially when it comes to conversations about social networking–yipes stripes. Just ’cause it’s new and shiny doesn’t always mean it’s best!

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