Today is my good people day

Way back in April, my good friend Ryan Anderson wrote a post called “today is good people day” and he was gracious enough to include me in the list. He was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, who suggested April 3 be dedicated to recognizing good people. In the spirit of late adoption, I’ve decided to go with November 7, at least this year, since a) I missed the boat in April and b) it’s my blog and I can post what I want to.

So, without further ado, Good People Day – 42 Points Edition.

Like Ryan, I am wary of this endeavour for fear of the inevitable. Someone deserving will be left off the list. So by way of disclaimer, I’m limiting my focus to the online PR communities in which I dwell (and which make up the bulk of my readership) and I’m limiting myself to five, since everyone loves a ‘Top 5 List.’ But frankly, there are dozens of people worthy of mention. I guess I’ll have to post again on April 3 with version 2.0.

1) Ryan Anderson. It may seem like a cop out to start my list with the guy who tagged me but I have to give credit where credit is due. In addition to being a brilliant mind in the social media realm and an entertaining and engaging blogger, Ryan is a bonafide friend. As in, a brick and mortar friend (though, in fairness, he’s not made of brick and he only has a little mortar in him). Long before he was a social media guru, Ryan was a friend, a (thankfully short-lived) bandmate, a roomate and a (less thankfully short-lived) business partner. He mostly-patiently listened to me rail against “those blogs” and “all that social media shit” before I joined the 2.0 masses and he introduced me to Twitter. Not sure if that’s good or bad, actually.

2) Bob LeDrew. Bob deserves mention for his blog posts slamming Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien alone, the fact that he’s another brilliant PR mind and an honest-to-goodness nice guy is just gravy. Bob opens his home to music lovers and stages house concerts, for cryin’ out loud, clearly he’s good people. The thing is, for all the talk of community in the social media, erm, community, Bob is worthy of praise for practicing what he preaches. Shortly after we ‘met’ on twitter Bob insisted that we meet at a local, erm, meetup and has graciously commented on posts, responded to tweets and otherwise been an active part of my network ever since.

3) Susan Murphy. The blogger better known as SuzeMuse is perhaps the epitome of ‘good people.’ Most of those who dwell in my online circles share the healthy skepticism-cum-sarcasm that defines much of my work in this field. Suze has that too, to an extent, but I’ll be damned if she doesn’t wrap it up in a friendly, good natured shell. She organized the first tweetup I ever attended but don’t take my word for her general awesomeness. Go ahead, read a few recent posts. Befriending the neighbourhood shawarma guy? Singing the praises of reconnecting with her past? She starts (almost) every day by wishing her “beautiful tweeple” a good morning on Twitter for chrissakes. The world needs more of this.

4) Ed Lee. Ed might be surprised to find his name here. We don’t converse on Twitter in the same way that I do with Ryan, Sue or Bob and I’ve never met him in person. But Ed deserves credit for the way in which he comports himself online. Every time I’ve commented on his blog he has taken a few minutes to write an email thanking me and responding to my comment. He tweeted recently about a presentation he was giving and, when I asked if he would be posting it, he not only responded but took the time to email it to me directly. Ed works on the agency side and if he treats a random commenter with this much respect I can only imagine how well he treats his clients. It’s easy to be nice to someone you’ve met in person; going that extra mile for a disembodied avatar is just amazing. And rare.

5) My lovely wife Amy. Ok, this might be cheating but I don’t care. Here’s the thing. While the rest of the people on this list get to interact with me at my best, Amy has to deal with all the disjointed thoughts and half-assed ranting I do on a daily basis. And the kicker? She loves me anyway. I complained once that she didn’t read my blog. Her response? She doesn’t have to, she’s heard me rant and rave about the topics long before I sit down and whack them into some sort of post. She’s my ultimate collaboration partner and so I married her. Trust me. Not everyone who reads this blog knows her but you’re all very glad she exists. She has to deal with Joe unfiltered.


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