Social Media Event: Case Study Jam #2

Breakfast?Given the most recent developments in my personal life it hardly seems appropriate to refer to Case Study Jam as my baby. Still, it’s hard not to feel a mix of excitement, pride and trepidation as the little social media event that could heads towards its second incarnation.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Case Study Jam takes a slightly different approach than some of the other, better-known events. The Jam is a place for low-level folks to come together and share their war stories(though high-level folks are welcome to come too!). We don’t feature one speaker, we feature a few, and their (very short) presentations only serve as the catalyst for the greater discussions (the titular ‘jams’) that follow.

It’s informal and, if all goes according to plan, everyone gets a chance to say their piece, share their ideas and shoot the shit about how to get social media projects off the ground.

We don’t have the benefit of a recognized brand. We’re not using super big names to try to attract your attention. We’re just hoping the idea of jamming with a community of do-ers is incentive enough.

If you haven’t already, check us out. And if you think you like what you see, why not register and join the fun?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Darwin Bell

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