Trying to do something good

You're *so* tough. I just added a new page to the site – it’s part of my effort to do something meaningful to mark my 30th birthday in a few weeks. As many of you know, I’ve been active in minor hockey for a few years now, coaching nine and ten year olds at the house league level in Ottawa Centre. The association covers a pretty wide area, including some lower-income neighbourhoods where hockey is just too expensive to consider.

I don’t think cost should ever prevent a child from playing hockey. Beyond the obvious benefits of exercise, hockey instills a sense of pride and an understanding of the power of teamwork. I’ve watched kids come out of their shell and become leaders; I’ve seen kids grow a sense of self confidence that their scholastic life never gave them. It’s been an awesome and humbling experience and I want more kids to feel it.

The 30-30-30 campaign has a modest goal – 30 people donating 30 dollars over the next 30 days. I know it’s a big ask for some people but I really hope you’ll consider making a contribution. .
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