You know who rocks?

THANK YOUPeople who stepped up huge and gave to my 30-30-30 campaign. All 37 of you (which doesn’t include the dozens of people at Case Study Jam #3 who pitched in as well).

In the end we raised over $1,100, which should be more than enough to help a couple of disadvantaged kids in the Ottawa area experience the joy of minor hockey and all that participation in team sports entails.

Many people said many nice things about me during this campaign but the fact is the credit goes to the generous people who contributed. $30 isn’t a small amount of money and I was touched and thrilled by the number of second- and third-degree friends of mine – people who’ve never met me – who were willing to donate.

The world (this blog included) can be a cynical and nasty place sometimes. Thanks so much for showing me that there’s still something to be said about the kindness of strangers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: psd

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