Lost post.


My browser crashed. I’d just finished my post and I crashed.

I don’t feel up to retyping it all right now, I’ll try to get it up later. In the meantime, look at the CanWest coverage of the Minuteman border monitoring program. It might be coming to the Canadian border, but CanWest really doesn’t spend much time talking about the problems with the program along the Mexican border.

Also, the “Talban attack” that was reported in a few papers yesterday wasn’t so much an attack as an accident that had nothing to do with the Taliban. The Canadian Press corrected their story and the Gazette picked it up, but the Citizen and SunMedia took a pass on correcting their erroneous story from yesterday.

Man, my new iBook can’t get here fast enough. Stupid crashing PC.

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  1. Here’s my impersonation of every TV news outlet in Canada:

    (Substantive discussion on first foreign policy review since the Cold Wa—)



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