A call to arms

Okay, so I’ve been doing this site for awhile now. Until today, it was meant to raise awareness, to make people think critically. But as Senor Anderpants pointed out to me last week, CanWest and the gang aren’t reading this blog.
To that end, I’m pleased to introduce the Megalomedia Actionline.
This is upping the ante a bit, and I need you to get involved. Please read this carefully and help me out. This is sort of a trial run, but if it’s well received, I want to make this a permanent fixture on the Canadian media scene.

Oh, and the daily media rant is below all of this Actionline stuff, so I hope you’re all in for a long one.

Today in the National Post, Chris Wattie wrote a piece on Canada’s upcoming mission in Kandahar, Afghanistan. As background to the story, Wattie referred to the Taliban attack on fuel tankers outside the U.S. base in the city earlier this month. The only problem is that, as noted in the Lost Post edition of Megalomedia, it wasn’t Taliban folks at all. The U.S. military’s investigation showed that it was an accident blamed on faulty fuel tankers, not Taliban insurgents. The Canadian Press wire ran a story April 18 that corrected the allegations, but most papers didn’t pick it up.

Here’s where you get involved. Step one, copy and paste the email below and send it to the National Post Managing Editor (news) and Chris Wattie, with a cc to the Actionline so I know how many people are involved. Step two, send an email to megalomedia.actionline@gmail.com with the subject “Sign me up” to get on the Actionline mailing list.

To: smeurice@nationalpost.com, cwattie@nationalpost.com
CC: megalomedia.actionline@gmail.com
Subject: Correction required

Dear Mr. Meurice and Mr. Wattie,

In Mr. Wattie’s April 25 story about the upcoming Canadian mission to Afghanistan, there was a disturbing factual error about a recent fuel tanker explosion in Kandahar. Though many outlets reported that Taliban insurgents were involved, a Canadian Press wire story from April 18 made it clear that U.S investigators concluded the explosion was an accident. This story wasn’t as widely publicized as the original which blamed the Taliban, but I believe the National Post has access to the Canadian Press wire.
Please correct this misleading and dangerous factual error in tomorrow’s National Post.
Thanks very much,

That’s all it takes folks. PLEASE get involved with this, it’s time the media in Canada was subject to a little scrutiny. With your help, we can make it happen.

On to the news of the day.

Sudan makes the news!
Well, a mere two weeks after the Canadian mission to Sudan was announced, the Citizen and Gazette finally get on the story, in the form of a feature on the Canadian general who will be deputy force commander.
They never actually reported that Canada was sending troops, they just published a feature that assumes everyone knew. Interesting strategy, not one I’d take, but what the heck, I don’t run a newspaper (anymore).

What was Rice saying about open and transparent democracy?
So apparently, a U.S. human rights expert working for the UN publised a couple of reports on prisoner abuse by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The guy has now lost his job after the U.S. pressured the UN to can him.
Wow, that seems kind of sketchy, doesn’t it? I mean, isn’t that the sort of news people should know?
The Montreal Gazette seems to think so, but nobody else does. Only one outlet got this story today. Brutal. I really hope it gets more play tomorrow, so stay tuned and we’ll see.

Credit where credit is due
Syria’s troops are almost entirely out of Lebanon. When I read that in the Globe I wondered if CanWest would report it. Well, they did. The Citizen gave the story some good play, while the Post at least gave it a brief.
It doesn’t change the fact that their coverage of the whole issue has been skewed, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Shameless self promotion, kinda
There’s an editorial in the Post today from Vancouver talking about crystal meth. Well, more appropriately, lauding fellow CanWest paper The Province’s series on the emerging menace that is crystal meth.
It ties nicely into a piece on media sensationalism I did for a ‘zine called The Shotgun Solution under the pseudonym Mr. Anthrope. I promise not to do this a lot, but the piece fits the mandate of Megalomedia, so here’s the link, or you can try to find a copy of the ‘zine around Ottawa.


  1. I did your Action Line thing. I want to do more of this. I even Googled ‘tanker afghnistan taliban’ and, lo and behold, first available link. So I wrote up my own damn e-mail.

    Bitches. They can’t even Google anymore.

    Absolute bitches.

  2. UPDATE: Holy FUCK, it worked.

    Steve Meurice e-mailed me 17 minutes later to inform me they were running a correcton tomorrow.


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