Alternative title: Thanks for the link traffic, Ryan, now I’m going to scoop you.

My dear chum Ryan (see link above) and I have chatted – face-to-face, no less – about the darker side of the interactive nature of Web 2.0. Namely, the vitriolic, shameful and inevitably polarized nature of most comment threads these days, at least those with wide readership.

Ryan has long promised a post on this very subject and after hearing his arguments in person, I can say that I’m fully on the same page as him. Thus, I opted to let him do the posting so I could toss up a link and bask in the ping traffic.

Evidently, The Associated Press and Ryan didn’t have the same understanding, as evidenced by this article on the Globe and Mail website today.

And in one of those funny little twists of fate, the Globe allows comments and will undoubtedly get more than Ryan or I could dream of.  I’ll be interested to watch how the thread goes there.

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