My name is Joe. And I don’t work for an agency.

“Hi Joe.”

I’ve been an in-house communications guy for a few years now.

*Murmurs of understanding, some of befuddlement.*

And sometimes I feel like I’m the only one, you know? I mean, I know I’m not. I know many companies and associations still have internal communications capacity, but it feels like the circles I’m running in are full of these agency types…


I know it was pretty dramatic but I want to assure my loyal readers that the preceeding transcript was indeed fictional. There is no support group for in-house comms guys’n’gals (at least not one I know of) nor do I really feel like I’m alone in this cruel, cruel world of PR.

But as I get set for another Social Media Breakfast, and as I ponder my availability for future Third Tuesdays, I can’t help but notice the colleagues I interact with online are almost all agency folk.

So is it me? Am I just mixing it up with the wrong crowd? Or is the voice of the in-house community sorely lacking? A cynic might suggest those of my ilk are too busy actually working (those agency types have so much free time!) but that can’t really be true…

… can it?

If anyone knows of some prolific Twitterers or bloggers who work on the inside but still talk about the industry at large, please leave a comment. I do hope I am just missing them somehow. But I feel like we’re losing the battle to those agency flacks.


  1. Helllo!! Right here!
    Never worked in agency. Although I’m in a social media-oriented role now, I’m still doing all the traditional communications stuff too.

  2. Ah, see I knew we existed!
    Thanks for the comment folks. Bob, I realized shortly after I posted this that you had recently jumped from agency to in-house. Kelly, I was confused about your new job, apparently.
    Now, shall we heap scorn on the agency types together?

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