Obviously OT: A post most random

And now, an assortment of random musings – mostly political.

  • As a recently(ish)-married heterosexual male, I’d like to think my marriage is based on a solid enough foundation to withstand the assault on the traditions of the institution that same-sex marriages is sure to bring about. Oh wait, they’ve been legal in Canada for awhile now. (Looks out the window). Nope, sky hasn’t fallen. California, I expected better. You know, like this.
  • If we want people to use mass transit instead of driving, why do bus fares go up while driving on congested commuter roads remains free? (Hint: Don’t ask the federal government, they don’t want to talk about it).
  • If we’re so worried about childhood obesity and the dangers of idle time, why does the City of Ottawa threaten to cut arts funding and hike recreation fees? At least zero still means zero, right Larry?

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