Sorry Milli Vanilli, I’ve got something else to blame it on now

The internet is full of juvenile crap. So is Twitter. One need only look at trending topics list to see that the hashtag phenomenon has given us a glimpse into the banal and utterly embarassing things that comprise the zeitgeist of our day.

Which makes this all the more remarkable.

Until today I hadn’t heard of Drew. Drew seems like a pretty normal (if not incredibly hip) fella. A normal fella who happens to have Hodgkins Lymphoma.

So what did he do when he found out? He started blaming everything on the cancer. “Losing his keys, misplacing his wallet, Twitter being slow, the Phillies losing, etc. ” It was all his cancer’s fault.

One touching blog post, one incredibly cool website, one eye-catching hashtag and a whole community of caring people later, Drew has created a phenomenon.

That’s why I’m going to #BlameDrewsCancer for everything and anything I can. And I hope you do too.

Cancer is a stupid jerk of a disease and it’s affected me and my family before. Sadly, that’s not remarkable. It’s affected everyone’s family. It’s mischevious and adaptable and may take the prize as douchiest disease of our times. Will blaming some dude’s cancer for bad shit that happens make cancer go away? No. But it will show that nobody fighting cancer is alone. And, hopefully, it will put a smile on some faces of people who really need to smile.

Thanks Drew, for being an incredibly strong human being and for reminding us all that the internet isn’t just for porn.

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