Any marketing people want to explain this to me?

I work down the road from the big Leon’s warehouse / retail store in Ottawa’s west end (the one you see from the highway).

A few colleagues and I walked down to a great little lunch counter down the road, towards the Leon’s and we saw big Leon’s stickers all over street signs, private business signs and even a Canada Post mailbox.

Is this guerilla marketing or the work of a prankster? Hard to imagine anyone bothering to print off high-quality logo stickers just to prank Leon’s. So was this done in some official capacity? A rogue employee having fun with extra promotional stock?

Also, isn’t this pretty illegal?

UPDATE: I have no idea why the pictures are sideways. They looked okay when I previewed them. In any case, you get the point.


  1. Clearly a case of someone swiping some stickers from work and being stupid. Or maybe that’s what Leon’s WANTS us to believe?

  2. It’s their 100th year anniversary which makes me realize that they haven’t updated that logo in a really really long time.

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