We are all cobblers’ kids

the old chucks This blog could be a lot better. I know that.

For someone who gets paid to write digital outreach and marketing strategies that often include advice on how to manage one’s social media properties, I do a pretty poor job of it here at 42 points. SEO best practices are routinely overlooked in favour of feeding my love of clever (at least to me) titles and pithy asides. I go weeks, sometimes months between posts. I don’t bother with tags very often and my categories are pretty useless.

The honest truth? I just can’t be bothered sometimes. This blog was never supposed to be part of some strategic exercise to build a personal brand. I don’t see myself as a thought leader with legions of readers counting on me for unique insights. And, at the end of the day (in the literal sense, not the over used cliche one), I don’t have the energy to put best practices into place. I’d rather play with my kid, or hang out with my wife, or take my dog for a walk, or create the ultimate dynasty in NHL 10’s Be a GM mode.

I get my fill of social media strategy at work.

And I’m not alone here. Just today, I had a conversation on Twitter with a couple of bloggers about the number of posts in our draft queue. The awesomely-awesome Sue Murphy admitted a few months ago to suffering the pains of blogger guilt. Hell, one of the smartest guys I know started his own PR/web/social media consultancy two years ago and he’s doing so well that he still hasn’t finished his website.

It’s hardly confined to social media, of course. I work for a brilliant web shop full of great developers, designers and information architects but our site looks dated and stale (we’re working on it, I promise). We also do amazing custom intranets for clients on SharePoint but our own intranet is brutal.

As lame as it sounds, I think many of us are too busy helping others for a living to really help ourselves.

We’re all quick to judge companies for the web presence they keep but is that ultimately fair? Or maybe that’s why RFPs always ask for work samples…

What say you, loyal reader(s)? How can you make sure you have a decent pair of shoes to wear online?
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  1. *Sighhhhh* So glad to hear I’m not the only one.

    I sometimes wonder why I even blog-I’m constantly disappointed with my inability to blog regularly, to update the theme (used to love getting my hands dirty in code, now I just can’t be bothered), or even define exactly what it’s for. Even worse is I hate the name of my blog–I mean it might have been kind of witty at one point before we all groaned at the term web 2.0 but of course, by the time any one actually started reading my blog it was already out of date.

    However for all the complaining I do, I love the rush when I get super excited to write about something (which again, I type out at 200 wpm like it’s some sort of life or death situation, and then go ahead and post without even proofreading, something I’d *never* do with “real” work!) And when I see people visiting, subscribing, commenting, etc. makes it all worth it!

    Most smart people understand how it goes and know not to judge a blog by its (outdated) banner. Hey-it’s pretty commendable that you at one point took the time to set up the blog-a lot further than most have made it.

    Also like anything else in life, you notice your own faults more than anyone else, so it’s probably not as bad as you think! Blog on Joe! Even if you’re next post isn’t for another month. 🙂
    .-= Hey, you should check out Kelly Rusk´s last blog ..Five unapparent personal benefits of social networking… =-.

  2. Dude, If you are serious, put yourself on a schedule and stick to it. Over 2 years of regularly scheduled posts. Not always bang up, or where I want them to be. But all of them honest. I don’t think people expect anything more (at least from me) than an honest effort.
    .-= Hey, you should check out Nick Charney´s last blog ..Equip Leaders to Lead =-.

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