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I wrote my last post when I was a bit down on the whole social media community. This post? A lot more optimistic.

I’m stoked to have been asked to speak at an upcoming day-long social media / digital communications conference this summer in Ottawa. I think this is going to be a really good opportunity to “take a deep dive,” as we douchey consultants like to say and get beyond platitudes and tautologies.

I’ll be talking about internal collaboration and the importance of connection people behind firewalls along with my good friend Nick Charney as part of the business stream but the organizers have ambitiously tried to create an event for everyone, from the earnest but nervous beginners to those looking to move beyond the fundamentals.

If you’re close to Ottawa this July 23, you should really come out. It’s going to be a good opportunity to connect with a wide range of people and have deep, meaningful conversations about a bunch of different social-type topics.

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