Recipe for cynicism

This is slightly off-topic but I thought I’d share it.

Next time some politician acts dismayed about the level of cynicism about politics, or some talking head on Newsworld expresses his dismay about voter apathy, think of this Hansard excerpt:

Mr. Dave Batters (Palliser, CPC) Mr. Speaker, we are 20 minutes into today’s session and, frankly, the level of partisanship is a bit unbelievable. The member, who seeks the leadership of his party, has taken sarcasm to new levels. Perhaps he figures that is the way to push him over the top. I am not sure if members opposite are going to buy into that or not; we will have to wait until December.

The member should realize by now that fearmongering simply does not work, nor do crying or deception. Canadians voted for change on January 23 and change is what they received. They knew what they wanted. They wanted something different. They were sick and tired of 13 years of Liberal corruption and mismanagement, they voted for change, and that is what they received in this budget.

The level of partisanship is indeed unbelievable, Mr. Batters. As is your ability to descend into hypocrisy in the next breath.

It’s a bit random to pick on Batters here, he certainly isn’t the only one acting like a child in our esteemed 39th Parliament, and this sort of bullshit fully transcends party lines (lest I be labelled an anti-Tory).

On behalf of all Canadians, just fucking grow up.

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  1. Did someone say something about partisanship?

    The following is an excerpt from Maurice Vellacott’s resignation letter (he was the Conservative MP who made some pretty nasty comments about the Supreme Court and resigned his chair of the aboriginal affairs committee):

    “Unfortunately, in this case, I fear that their agenda of bitter partisanship will submerge aboriginal issues and make it extremely difficult to accomplish anything productive on behalf of our aboriginal brothers and sisters in this committee in this parliament.”

    Can you tell that the PMO vets all external communications? It’s like one person is writing all their speeches…

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