She has some nerve

An interesting story via Azerb this morning. Apparently CanWest’s Elizabeth Thompson has raised some conservatives ire by having the gall to sit in a public lobby outside the recent Civitas meeting and listen to the proceedings through the open door.

Azerb does a good job with this one so I’ll just link to her post and let you read about it there.

Huzzah for lazy blogging.

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  1. Thompsons statement is slightly misleading.

    This was the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata. The main foyer is on a lower (first) floor not the second floor where the Civitas meeting was held. There are no seats within 20 metres of the the door where the meeting was.

    It was also blocked off from the public amenties she speakes of. There was a sign saying ‘private function please use other stairs.’ My gym is there and i saw the sign. I also managed to avoid walking through the ‘public area.’ Granted there were no security checking for ID. Hotel guests would exit the elevator on the second floor but only to head to the gym & she wasn’t a hotel guest. They needn’t pass through the convention space.

    The way she arrived was going up the main escalator and walking past the sign that said “private function – certvita etc.” or couldn’t take the elevator – you need a hotel guest key to use it.

    She crashed a party – big deal.

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