So here’s the thing…

I have been feeling more and more compelled to post here lately but I have been hesitant about posting before I had something really profound to say – a way to make up for the disrespect I’ve been showing all 42 points as of late.

But I’ve been short on profundities lately, so instead, a few quick thoughts and random musings:

  • All of these stories about the rising Canadian dollar have really forced photo editors to be creative, haven’t they?
  • Why does YouTube need a Canadian site? Isn’t the whole point of YouTube the fact that you can reach international audiences? Transcending boundaries in the digital realm and all that? Oh wait. I just read the subhead on that article. I get it now.
  • This book looks interesting.
  • This podcast makes my commute much easier to deal with. So does this one. My wife, on the other hand, swears by this one. All are worth subscribing to.
  • Oh yea, and I got married. It was awesome.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era of posting here.

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  1. I love Wait Wait! It makes walking across the river valley as it dips below zero here totally worth it. I also really love the This American Life podcast. While Wait Wait often gets me alarmed glances because I’m laughing out loud, TAL has made me cry on multiple occasions. It’s very strange to be at the gym and have to step off the treadmill because you can’t see where you’re running anymore through your tears.

    Anyway, wecome back! And congrats on the nuptuals _ it looks like you had a lot of fun :-).

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