Curse the paper thief

Apparently the Globe ran a full page on Darfur today but someone swiped my Globe from the lobby of my apartment building.

So, since I didn’t get to see any of the coverage of the debate myself, here’s what my MediaScout colleague Philippe Gohier had to say about it in today’s post:

While the Globe devotes a full page to the crisis in Darfur, The National, the Star, and La Presse go inside with Canada’s potential role in resolving the conflict. With a midnight deadline looming for Sudanese rebels to accept an African Union-brokered peace accord with the government, Canadian MPs held a special “take-note” debate in the House of Commons last night. La Presse writes Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay would not explicitly rule out the possibility of sending Canadian troops to Darfur. The Globe reports MacKay also would not commit to pushing the UN to take over the peacekeeping mission. For its part, the AU is calling for the replacement of its 7,700-troop mission with a UN contingent of 21,000 troops. While the Citizen’s editorial says “the only way to stop the killing in Darfur is to put soldiers on the ground,” a piece in the Globe notes that “Khartoum has repeatedly warned that anything other than an African peacekeeping contingent would amount to colonialism and has threatened that Darfur would be a ‘graveyard’ for a multinational force.” The Star reports that Canada has increased its contribution to the World Food Program in Darfur from $16.7 million to $26.7 million, after the UN said a lack of money forced the program to cut its aid to refugees by half.

It doesn’t so much sound like the breadth of coverage I would have liked but I can’t say for sure having not seen the papers this morning myself.

For those who want to know more, check out the transcript of the debate here. I know I’ll be reading it after work.

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