Is this megalomedia or megalodarfur?

I’ve been on about Darfur a fair bit lately, I know, but I just can’t believe we’re doing it again. I’m more and more convinced that we’ve learned nothing from Rwanda.

Anyway, last night NBC’s medical drama ER featured Darfur in its storyline. My lovely girlfriend read an interesting tidbit to me about that – apparently the hour-long program (less commercials) quadrupled the amount of “coverage” of Darfur on US network television.

I guess I should be happy we read/hear about it at all.

UPDATE: Speaking of Rwanda, Senator Romeo Dallaire wrote an interesting piece in today’s Globe. If you have “insider” access, you can find it here.  Or, if you don’t, read his viewpoint in more detail here – he spoke at length about Darfur in the Senate yesterday. More people should read Hansard.

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